Patient Engagement

Greater Plains Collaborative Rapid Community and Patient Engagement (GPC Rapid PACE) Resource: The GPC Rapid Community and Engagement (Rapid PACE) Resource consists of trained patient research advocates from diverse communities across all participating GPC sites. The term “patient research advocate” means these individuals have experience as patients, caregivers and community leaders. They bring their patient experiences and insights into the research process. They are familiar with research approaches and methods and value research that advances evidence-based medicine to improve people’s health.  They understand research advocacy is not about patient care today – it’s about supporting research to improve care for patients in the future.  Their lived experience and network with other patients and caregivers provide unique perspectives and insights to better inform research and collaborate with researchers.   These individuals are members of GPC’s Patient Advisory Council (PAC).This GPC RAPID PACE DOCUMENT provides additional information regarding the resource. 

Patient Engagement Videos The following videos were produced by PCORI in partnership with Health Affairs to show ways patients and practitioners are incorporating patient engagement in heath care decisions.

Engaging Patients in Healthcare Decisions

Patient Engagement Resources: Care maps and clinical trials

Overcoming Patient Engagement Barriers: Urban and Rural Success Stories

PowerPoint Presentations The following presentations are intended to give patients/stakeholders a better understanding of PCORnet and the GPC, and our overall mission in Clinical Research.

Blog Articles The following articles from PCORI’s Patient Engagement Blogs are intended to show patients/stakeholders why patient and stakeholder engagement is so important to clinical trials.

Graphic Recordings These collections of graphic recordings were created at the 2014 Learning Engagement Kickoff and the 2015 Learning Engagement Conference. They show the mission of the GPC and its goals regarding patient engagement and clinical data research.

LEK 2014