The Greater Plains Collaborative

Administrative Support

  • Budget development assistance: GPC central leverages the published GPC pricing model to assist the investigators in developing budgets based on proposal types, scope of work, and the number of participating sites
  • Site Engagement (including national Front Door): GPC site interests on proposals are gauged via the Research Opportunity Assessment (ROA) process. For further information on the ROA process, please refer to the “collaboration with GPC” section. Letter of support: GPC can provide letters of support for proposals and pilot studies that are scientifically aligned with GPC mission
  • Contracting: GPC central has an established contracting/invoicing system in place that supports a variety of contractual needs. GPC sites are flexible in meeting data requests by leveraging PCORnet Phase 3 Master Agreement, GPC DSA as well as GROUSE DSA.

PCORnet Front Door for National Collaboration

GPC also submits feasibility count requests as well as collaboration requests on behalf of the investigators to other PCORnet CRNs through the PCORnet Front Door. We assist investigators to fill out PCORnet intake form and coordinate with PCORnet Coordinating Center to fulfill research needs. GPC is well versed in developing PCORnet crossed collaboration. Multiple proposals have been developed leveraging expertise from other CRNs. Consultant with GPC at early stage of proposal development on Coordinating Center effort evaluation and qualifications to become PCORnet designated studies will greatly benefit the proposals. When successfully funded, these multi-CRN PCORnet designated projects enjoy a strengthened support in network operations, pragmatic research designs and best practices. Click here for more details on PCORnet study designation.