Hackathon Two

HackathonTwo was hosted by the Clinical Informatics Research Division of the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. The GPC Data Standardization group was invited, as well as all other interested GPC personnel, and remote participation was provided in some of the technical discussions for group members who were unable to attend. The meeting was held in order to get all sites set up and prepared for Phase 2.

Topics discussed included:

  • CDM, ETL and DRN Query
  • Aspirin Trial
  • Letter of Intent
  • Phase 2
  • Sustainability
  • Federated Login to GPC Data Store
  • HERON Code Sharing
  • Breast Cancer Survey Finder File
  • Informatics Support for ALS and Obesity Cohort Surveys
  • GPC Ontology v1
  • Text Notes
  • Data Quality Issues
  • Encounters Design
  • Usable Labs
  • Building Analytic Data Sets
  • EMR Integration
  • Infrastructure