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Health Systems PCORnet Demonstration Project - Phase II

This PCORnet demonstration project is a two-step process:

  1. Health systems leaders will convene to develop priority topics for research using PCORnet (completed); and
  2. PCORI will release a limited competition funding announcement for up to five research studies.

The first step occurred between July 2015 and January 2016. During this step, PCORI provided funding to support convening activities within the individual CDRNs. These funds were provided to enable CDRNs to work with health systems leaders to identify and prioritize a set of data-driven research activities of high interest to health systems and clinicians. This step culminated with a convening, Accelerating Clinical Knowledge Generation and Use, hosted in collaboration with the National Academy of Medicine on January 21, 2016, to generate a list of priority topics. The second step of the demonstration project will be the release of a limited competition funding announcement for PCORnet networks to fund up to five, one-year research studies informed by outcomes and recommendations from the meetings that occurred in step one.

This limited PFA will provide CDRNs the opportunity to test their capacity to conduct collabroative research with health systems leaders across PCORnet. The Health Systems demonstration project includes some of the following objectives and guidelines:

  • Project will be of interest and add value to multiple health systems;
  • Project must include at least two health systems that span two or more CDRNs;
  • Project will leverage PCORnet data resources (priority will be given to a) CDRNs that have data currently organized in the PCORnet Common Data Model Version 3 and b) proposals that optimize the use of PCORnet Common Data Model Version 3) but may also incorporate additional, relevant health system data (e.g. system level variables, social determinants of health, genetic determinants of health), as appropriate;
  • Proposed projects will be identified, vetted, and involve iterative review and discussion between researchers, clinicians and health system leaders

Project will evaluate the impact of the research on PCORnet's capacity to support collaborative research and extend the breadth of PCORnet's shared tools and resources (the PCORnet Commons) using PCORnet infrastructure. Below are PCORI's application review criteria for this limited competition PFA:

  1. Potential for the study to fill in critical gaps in evidence and generate actionable evidence
  2. Potential for the study findings to be rapidly adopted into clinical practice and improve delivery of care
  3. Scientific Merit (Research design, analysis, and outcomes)
  4. Patient-centeredness
  5. Patient and stakeholder engagement



Other Information:

  • GPC Principal Investigator: Maureen Smith, MD, MPH, PhD; University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • Participating GPC Sites:
    • University of Wisconsin - Madison
    • University of Iowa
  • Awards Announced: June 2016
  • Earliest Start Date: July 2016
  • Funds available up to: $4 million
  • Maximum project period: 1 year
  • PCORI Funding Opportunity Announcement


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