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SNOW SHRINE Information


SNOW SHRINE is built off of the Shared Health Research Information Network (SHRINE). SNOW SHRINE is a network of i2b2 instances that allows users to search data from multiple sites within the GPC. This allows users to find feasibility counts across institutions and review available data. 

Requirements to access SHRINE?

  1. Be a faculty member at a GPC site or be sponsored by a faculty member at a GPC site
  2. Be up-to-date on CITI training
  3. Complete the SHRINE User Access Request form. 

How to search SHRINE? 

For help searching SHRINE please contact your GPC site's honest broker or refer to the HERON(i2b2) Training Pages

Available Data and Technical Information 

The data available from each site as well as technical information is updated on the informatics site: SNOW SHRINE Status.

Additional Questions?

Please contact with any questions.