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Glossary of Terms

GPC – Greater Plains Collaborative; a network of 12 medical centers in 8 states committed to a shared vision of improving healthcare delivery through ongoing learning, adoption of evidence - based practices, and active research dissemination.

DROC – Data Request Oversight Committee

HERON - a search discovery tool that allows KUMC faculty members to search de-identified data from various hospital and medical center sources.

Babel – a query tool that allows researchers to view the concepts available at each GPC site, and the number of patients associated with those concepts.  No data resides in Babel; only queries that are shared across GPC sites.  Each site’s Honest Broker can access a particular query to copy to their local i2b2.  

Honest Broker – an individual at each GPC institution who is responsible for mediating data requests.

IRB – Institutional Review Board

Limited data - a limited set of identifiable patient information that includes ages, geographical details such as zip code, and dates such as date of birth, admission, and discharge. It will not include MRN or patient contact information. More information 

De-identified data – data that does not contain any identifiable patient information.  More information 

i2b2 – software for use by researchers & clinical investigators “to find sets of interesting patients from electronic patient medical record data, while preserving patient privacy through a query tool interface.” Source - JAMIA article

Data use description – information that is requested of researchers who are requesting data from GPC sites.  Description should include description of research, what data is needed, and how researchers will use the data.