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GROUSE Information

What is GROUSE? 

GROUSE (Greater Plains Collaborative Reusable Observable Unified Study Environment) is a GPC project to obtain health insurance claims from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services through the Research Data Assistance Center (ResDAC) at the University of Minnesota. 

  • The GROUSE environment contains claims data, site i2b2 data, and site PCORnet CDM data.
  • We currently have 2011-2016 Medicare data and 2011-2012 Medicaid data from the 9 states in the GPC.
  • We have purchased and recently received 2017 Medicare data which will be loaded into the GROUSE environment and linked after we refresh our crosswalks with participating sites.

Obtaining Access to GROUSE?

  1. Please contact with information about your project and interest in using GROUSE. 
  2. Once the GROUSE PI approves the request someone from the KUMC GROUSE team will send you training to complete. 
  3. Respond to KUMC GROUSE team with completed training documentation. 
  4. KUMC GROUSE team will create necessary accounts and priveleges for you to access GROUSE. 

What projects are approved by CMS?

Projects related to obesity, breast cancer, and ALS have been approved by CMS. Any additional areas of interest will require permission from CMS and a re-use fee. 

How to search GROUSE? 

For help searching GROUSE please contact or refer to the Using Grouse for Analysis slidedeck. 

For approved GROUSE users, you may request data using this GROUSE Request form

Technical Information: 

The technical information is updated on the informatics site: GROUSE.

Additional Questions?

Please contact with any questions.